Finisterre Tango

Since 2009 Finisterre has developed a first line musical career, performing at the most important concert halls, music festivals and milonga venues of Argentina, Uruguay and many European countries. A powerfull sound makes Finisterre live shows reflects a portrait of the current Buenos Aires, in the search of renewing the genre maintaining the stylistic gestures. In 2017 they release their second album, “POPULAR”, which includes their own compositions and some musics and lyrics of this time’s composers.

Our music

  1. 1. Chaperío
  2. 2. Recta final
  3. 3. Del puerto
  4. 4. Angel de los mostradores

Upcoming Shows


  • “Angel de los mostradores”

    Video clip del segundo corte de “POPULAR”.

    Música: Emilio Cossani
    Letra: Emilio Astarita
    Realizador: Gonzalo Lema

  • “Chaperío”

    Video clip del primer corte de “POPULAR”.

    Música: Emilio Cossani
    Realizador: Gonzalo Lema

  • “Tour 2017 – teaser”

    Video clip avance de lo que fue la primer gira de Finisterre por Europa entre abril y mayo de 2016.

    Música: Damián Carracedo
    Letra: Juan Serén
    Realizador: Gonzalo Lema

Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  1. Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  2. Del puerto // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  3. Recta final // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  4. Chaperío // Popular