Finisterre Tango


Since 2009 Finisterre, has developed a strong sound and own identity in its music. A contemporary sense of tango which tells through own compositions, Buenos Aires daily life stories.

The group has recorded Fininsterre (2015), Popular (2017), and now is working in a new songs for their new album.

Finisterre played in the most important tango festivals, concert halls and milongas of Buenos Aires and Uruguay.

Between 2016 and 2019 did four successful tours around Europe, taking the new spirit of tango to different stages of Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Osterreich, Italy and Spain.

Finisterre is nowadays working on Urban Portraits, an interdisciplinary show (Live Music+VJ Set+Perfomance) wich will take the audience into a trip through differents landscapes of Buenos Aires and their dwellers.

Finisterre Tango is:

Bruno Cuellar
Martín Santiago
Emilio Cossani
Electric Guitar
Juan Pablo Rallis
Damian Carracedo
Gustavo Bresciani




Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  1. Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  2. Del puerto // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  3. Recta final // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  4. Chaperío // Popular