Finisterre Tango realizó parte de la música de este maravilloso documental acerca de la obra de Anibal Troilo interpretando “Pa que bailen los muchachos” en una versión propia del grupo.

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A teacher of the School of Popular Music in Avellaneda, together with his students, is digitizing around 500 original handwritten arrangements that are kept from Aníbal “Pichuco” Troilo orchestra. Through interviews to musicians from different generations and styles, this documentary makes a musical tour through the work of one of the most fundamental characters in the history of Tango and Argentine music.

Producido por: Puente Films


Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  1. Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  2. Del puerto // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  3. Recta final // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  4. Chaperío // Popular