Soy Buenos Aires

Finisterre Tango realizó las adaptaciones de la banda original de Sonido del corto “Soy Buenos Aires”.

Project Info

Skills Cortometrajes

Project Description

Finisterre Tango made the original soundtrack’s adaptations of the short film “Soy Buenos Aires”. The music was composed by Felipe Delsart and recorded by Finisterre during September 2015.

It is a great pleasure to be part of this Project that shows the city in its present time in a very creative way and without the need to fall into clichés.

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Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  1. Angel de los mostradores // Popular
  2. Del puerto // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  3. Recta final // Finisterre Tango - Pr?ximo disco
  4. Chaperío // Popular